problems are better
when they are not there.

FLYING8 accessories are always made from simple, everyday materials and without great effort, so that everyone has the chance to make these things themselves.

Many times I've encountered real problems, such as: how to easily make a gear for the warp and cloth beam or the wheels for a flying shuttle?

In the end, the solution was: Leave it out and deal with it differently!

However, it is not possible for everyone to do things themselves, or maybe they just don't feel like it.

For those, we offer FLYING8 accessories for sale.

We even build you the whole loom and bring it to your home,

it's all a matter of agreement.

Pluma Shuttle

The Pluma shuttle is incredibly light and quiet, 39.5cm long, 4.5cm high.

It holds spools with a circumference of up to 13 cm.

Conventional drivers need to be modified somewhat.

The Plumita shuttle is slightly smaller than the Pluma shuttle.

It holds spools with a circumference of up to 12 cm.

It is perfect as a hand shooter AND a rapid shooter

Conventional drivers need to be modified somewhat.

FLYING8 weft spools

FLYING8 - Lift system & warping mill

The FLYING8 lift system is a simplification of a very old mechanical construction. 

Warps have never been milled more easily and evenly than with this device.

You can find the building instructions in my books FLYING8 - 8.October and Transforming & Enchanting. You can find out how to use it in the book milling a warp with theFlying8 lift system or in the tutorial video 1111 .

Of course, handling this is always a subject of instruction in the FLYING8 courses too.

FLYING8 - October 8th

FLYING8 - October 8th is the latest completely revised version.

It has so many advantages that the internet is too small to list them all!

And what do you need internet for, do you have a Web-stuhl (German for loom)?

You can build it yourself or order it from us. Prices and scope by arrangement.

+49 177 4318921

Best friend

FLYING8 - Best friend keeps your warp tight without grumbling and it always has time for you. Finally you can beam your warps alone, even very wide ones.

In the tutorial videos 1112 and 1113 the handling of this can be seen in every detail.

The building instructions can be found in the books October 8th and Transforming and Enchanting.