The Building Guidelines, 61 pages, in English available.


- Loom FLYING8 - October 8th

- the FLYING8 lift system and warping frame, 3m circumference

- the best friend

- the Lightflyer shuttle

- a roadstead-

- weft spools

- heddles

The FLYING8 - October 8th is always 110cm deep.

The weaving width can be between 90cm and 200cm.

Beater width = weaving width + 60cm + 60cm.


The reed and a spool-winding device must be purchased. We also recommend buying the heddles.

The reed should be at least 12cm high, the heddles about 32cm long. 

Designer's book & sources of inspiration

in English available,

is the book of choice when it comes to two essential things:  

1. How do I read and draw the technical specifications for a fabric?  


2. What do the well-known fabrics by Andreas Möller look like deep inside? How did he do that?

You will find all the answers in this book. It has almost 100 pages and describes 24 special designs.

Diamond twill is not included, but instead includes elastic fabric and shadow boxes.

This assembly guide, in English available, 40 pages, guides you through the amazing transformation of your hand beater into a flying-shuttle beater.

Experience John Kay's invention of 1733 for yourself.

Thanks to the modern design by Andreas Möller, the flying-shuttle is user-friendly and pleasantly quiet. Especially if that  Pluma-Shuttle or the Plumita-Shuttle is used.

You will also learn how a conventional loom can be transformed into a FLYING8 loom.


Also included are the building plans for the FLYING8 lift system and warping mill, 3m circumference, the best friend, a radle, the FLYING8 Light-Flyer shuttle and how to make spools and healds.