FLYING8 - international by nature

The term "FLYING8" was created in Ethiopia in 2007, during the first training I gave there for GIZ. I was looking for a catchy expression for an 8 shaft counter-march loom with the  flying shuttle and then invented "FLYING8".

"Flying" comes from "flying-shuttle" and from the number of shafts, I always like to use 8.


In 2009 it became clear that it is always problematic to have looms built locally by craftsmen. In addition, the looms were unaffordable for a single weaver. So I came up with the idea that it would be best if everyone could build their own loom as cheaply as possible and with little effort.

I spent the summer of 2009 in Estonia with Anu Raud in Heimtali.

There I could stay in a shack with an outhouse.

Next door was an old shed that I cleared out and turned it into a primitive workshop.

I ordered many meters of battens from a neighbor who had a small sawmill, I bought other wood from a carpentry shop in Viljandi.

I started at the end of June. In the meantime, Natalia Möller-Pongis had also arrived and supported me.

After 10 exciting days the first "Personal FLYING8 loom" was ready and it wove wonderfully. 

2009, the first FLYING8 is built in Estonia

Later we built another FLYING8 looms in Finland and in 2010, together with Esmael Jemal, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Natalia built her own Flying8 loom alone in her living room in Montevideo, Uruguay in the same year.

Since then I have been invited to Sierra Leone, Burkina-Faso, Botswana, Peru, Uruguay, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ethiopia, Northeast India (Meghalaya and Sikkim), USA and Switzerland to report on the FLYING8 concept or to teach loom making and weaving. And in many, many other countries interested people have built their FLYING8 loom.

The Thread Cartographer 

World Studio in the Humboldt Forum.

Design: Carlotta Werner for Sunder-Plassmann for StadtMuseum, Berlin


Andreas Moeller, Natalia Moeller-Pongis

There is now even a huge FLYING8-like loom in the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. It is called "thread cartographer" there. Many thousands of people have already woven it.

Especially during the Corona period I plowed through the FYLING8 again and improved a few things, so that I had to write a completely new construction plan.

Since the FLYING8 is now like new born,

I made my date of birth its name:

FLYING8 - 8th October

FLYING8 - October 8th