A towel,
like a trip to Montevideo

The big Hamburg ship takes you from the harbour city of Hamburg to the colorful harbour city of Montevideo, where you can admire the sunset over the Rio de la Plata in the bright colors of our towels.

Montevideo is the hometown of Natalia Möller-Pongis, who now lives and weaves in Hamburg.  

Of course, our Montevideo towels are only made from the best organic cotton and by us  handwoven with love.

Available in

steel blue

may green




approx. 50cm x 70cm

100% organic cotton

Washing machine at 60°C

like to iron

To Corona we say Coro-NO!

So that hand washing is really good during the pandemic, we have invented the Coro-NO! towels.

Of course they have no healing effect,  but work on a haptic level and give you a good feeling.

approx. 32cm x 53cm

100% organic cotton

Washing machine, 60°C

like to iron

Hamburg Harbour towels,
totally local and beach proven.

Hamburg harbor towels -

popular for travel, bath and swimming not only the beach of the river Elbe.

Towels, design A and B, approx. 50cm x 75cmmm

Bath towel, only in design A, approx. 75cm x 135cm

100% organic cotton, washing machine at 60°C, ironing is welcome