The innovative PLUMA-SHUTTLE glides almost silently through the compartment.

Thanks to the new, intelligent construction, it has an enormous capacity for coils with a lot of weft, a circumference of 12 cm is no problem.

The PLUMA-SHUTTLE can be used excellently as a hand and/or rapid shooter.

The shooter boxes must be adapted to the PLUMA-SHUTTLE.

You can find a video on how to make the weft coils yourself on youtube.


You can easily make matching weft bobbins yourself.

Buy our video #1, How to make Flying-Shuttle spools. 10€

You can make your ow diy spolls very easily.

Buy our video #1, How to make Flying8 shuttle spools. 10€



Beech plywood, 4mm, 65gr

40cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm 



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