Too loud, too big, too expensive was yesterday.
Today is FLYING
8 !

What is Flying8 ?

Flying8 is loom and weaving process - method and technology .

Flying8 comes from " flying shuttle" (quick shot) and the number of shafts: 8 .  

Flying8 was developed by Andreas Möller.

He has been weaving for over 40 years and has repeatedly found, invented and very successfully tested improvements that simplify weaving and the loom.  


Flying8 focuses on the weaving person.

The loom is ergonomic, silent, light and has good lighting.

It differs from normal branded looms in many details.

The weaving method is clear, uncomplicated, fast and modern.

Loom and accessories do not have to be expensive, (almost) everything can be built by yourself.


For whom is Flying8 weaving interesting?

For anyone who has always wanted to weave but hasn't started: "Too loud, too big, too expensive, too difficult, too tedious!" That's over! Now it can start!

Flying8 looms can be found in universities, weaving mills and living rooms all over the world.

Beginners and professionals alike benefit.


What is the difference between Flying8 and conventional weaving?

A Flying8 loom uses far fewer resources and takes up less space than comparable normal looms. 

The noise is greatly reduced, the loom is adjustable to the height of the user. Setting up the loom and weaving does not require much strength and can be done alone in a very comfortable posture in quite a short time.  


What will I learn in a 6-day Flying8 web course?

This course puts you on the right path to understand weaving practically and theoretically.

From the thread to the fabric, all movements are taught, learned and repeated several times.

They prepare warps with the Flying8 lift system and attach them to the loom with their "best friend".

You will learn how to build spools and wind the weft thread correctly on them.

Pattern formation is first studied theoretically and then applied practically in the Flying8 loom. 

They will weave samples and products.  

Do you already have experience? Then further content can also be agreed beforehand.

The aim is for you to be able to use your new skills and knowledge safely and happily after the course.