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The Flying8 loom and the weaving method of the same name offer a completely new approach to weaving. The method is not only used by the inventors themselfs, but also taught worldwide.


The Hamburg weaving mill is a weaving workshop with a shop in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Natalia Möller-Pongis and Andreas Möller weave their scarves and home textiles with special structures and patterns, made of the best materials, on the Flying8 looms they have developed.


A good loom is difficult to obtain in most countries and also very expensive. That is why Andreas Möller came up with the idea that it is best for everyone to be able to build their own loom. That is why he developed the first Flying8 loom in Estonia in summer 2009 with the support of Natalia Möller-Pongis.


The Flying8 is a space-saving counter-march loom with a flying shuttle and mostly it works with 8 shafts. The loom is complex, but all parts -except the reed- can be easily built in a DIY sense; all you need are tools and simple lumber, cord, tape and some cardboard. The aim of the development is to simplify access to inexpensive looms and accessories, to streamline the weaving process and to enable a more comfortable posture while weaving.


In 2010 Natalia Möller-Pongis built her Flying8 loom on her own in her apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay, and wove beautiful scarves for sale.


Flying8 looms have already been built in 20 countries and offer local weavers new perspectives and income opportunities there. In addition, training centers were set up in Germany, Ethiopia, India and Mali in order to be able to pass on the know-how.


This resulted in collaborations such as with the then Flying8 student, Esmael Jemal, from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, who runs a Flying8 weaving-workshop for high-quality towels on site. Under the label “From the Hands of Ethiopia” he sells them to the weaving mill in Hamburg, but also to England and the USA, which ensures him and his employees a good income.


In the meantime, you can not only buy the construction plan for the DIY Flying8 loom from the Hamburg weaving mill, but also textbooks and videos about Flying8 weaving in theory and practice. You can also buy the finished loom, the Flying8-Moon-Loom, and accessories, produced by the Foundation "Stiftung Mensch" in Meldorf, Germany.


Flying8 courses are also offered in Switzerland at Zürcher Stalder AG and at Rothener Mühle in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In the future, the learning content will also be taught online.

Flying8 Loom Set-Up, Nongpoh, Megalaya, India, 2017

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FLYING8 weaving courses 2021

in the Rothener Mühle in Rothen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.



25.-30. May

12-17. June

24.-31 July

10-15 August


Participants: 4-6

Course fee: 880,- €

Material: included

Books: All course participants receive a 25% discount on each of our books.

Accommodation: We are happy to help you find accommodation in or around Rothen.

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Book your 1-to-1 course with us in our Hamburg workshop.

1 day 250 €

2 days 400 €

3 days 540 €

every following day 180 €.


You can arrange dates, times and learning content with us individually.

Just give us a call or write an e-mail using the contact form .


The classes are also available in English.


All course participants receive a 25% discount on each of our books.


In the 6 days of the course, you will learn the complete process from warping with the lift system, beaming with the "best friend", drawing in and tying up, to weaving with the Pluma-Shuttle with the flying shuttle system.

Please contact us if you have any further questions: +49 177 4318921

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GIZ's new FLYING8 activity in Ethiopia

Kick-off workshop in Addis Ababa, November2019.

Information and registration for the Flying8 web course in Rothen, 2021

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Andreas Möller teaches the construction and operation of his Flying8 looms worldwide. The Flying8 concept is equally welcome in aid programs in developing countries and at universities in Europe.

A successful cooperation project is underway with master student Esmael Jemal from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Under the label “From the Hands of Ethiopia”, Esmael produces first-class towels in his weaving mill, which have already found thousands of friends in different countries.

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